pee on me

i really want girls to send me messages about how desperate to peethey are aaahaaaaaaaaaaa *u*

i know some girls cross their legs while standing cause its comfortable, but whenever i see them im just like “ehuhghugh do they need to pee? i really hope they need to pee!!” 


You know the one thing I love most about omo… Potty dances

Just… the thought of even the toughest/most composed people all flustered and squirmy and resorting to crotch grabbing and bouncing just to hold it in and they start leaking a lil despite their efforts and ahhhhhh

would u let someone to drink your pee? Or would you drink someones pee? <3

honestly, its not really my thing ~o~

i’m more into desperation and wetting but not in the actual pee itself 

Are you still here?

i’m here hello

get well soon!!! you dont have to feel bad about putting off the hold (:

thanks c: 

ah sorry to the people who were talking to me!! i suddenly got sick and im gonna put off the hold for a while :(

hiya guys!!! 
is anyone interested in me doing a hold? 

I'm really glad there's omorashi enthusiasts here who are willing to livehold! I'd really love it if you did another one sometime soon and liveblogged it *-*

:) i promise i will soon

ehehe that is super cute! i hope you had fun regardless.

eee thank you! i did