pee on me


posting this separately so it shows up in the tag


the community seems to be growing rapidly on this site and with that comes some major sketchy things ive seen

minors who insist on participating need to use EXTREME caution when interacting in the tag and stuff. you can never know who your anons are and don’t think that older men don’t take advantage of the openness thats becoming common. i don’t care if theres “no nudity”. most of you get off to it and are well aware that it is sexual.

i dont want to rain on anybody’s parade or condescend but i’ve been through this. i’ve grown up with this kink and participated in things as a minor that i deeply regret. one of my videos ended up on facebook for a short while

in short: web safety isnt a joke be careful

thinkin bout phantom of the opera omorashi what the fuck is wrong with me

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i wish i could do big holds but i’m just a tiny girl with a tiny bladder :(


can someone draw me phantom of the opera omo? ???? ? is that too much to ask for?? ?? ?

oh my god i never knew i was into this 

I drink the piss right out your pussy

thats kinda icky



Hello yes i must also comment on really mature refined characters needing to pee really badly

Prim and proper characters whimpering and holding themselves and dancing like children

"Perfect" characters trying so hard to hold it back and leaking uncontrollably

Thats all thanks for ur time

holy fuck ur cute


i was away so long after that that’d you’d probably think i was off masturbating for an hour

but no it only took me like 2 minutes to get off he he heee

the rest of the time i was having a feminist rant on my main blog

tonight was fun *u*